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Best Heavy duty Juicer going

A friend has this juicer and really enjoys its ease of use and high quality juice. Check it out!
This is what she had to say about it.
Having been Juicing for almost a year now and recently purchased my second juicer, I just must express why it’s so great! The first juicer was a centrifugal juicer, which was fast and very noisy. It actually sounded like a jet engine on the countertop, which in the morning one just may not be quite ready to rock, this is very annoying. It had more clean up because it dripped and splattered increasingly the more it was used. It shredded the produce, which destroys the cell and enzyme structure, and oxidizes the juice quickly as I later learned. It would not juice leafy greens and herbs well at all. Eventually, it was sometimes avoided.
On to the Vert… looking for a juicer that would preserve the nutrient integrity I found the Omega Vert 350 HD (must get an HD – Heavy Duty) was a “slow juicer”, which refers to the low RPM rate, not the juicing rate. It’s much quieter, a bit easier to clean and turns out juices that don’t separate and oxidize quickly. It seems to do a better job juicing, producing a higher yield juice from the fruits and veges. It juices wheatgrass and leafy herbs and edible flowers well. Make nut and seed milks, and frozen fruit sorbets. You can cut the produce as it is juicing, not the fast, furious and loud event of the centrifugal juicers. It also has a 10 year warranty, what’s not to love? It’s a little more expensive but when one considers the quality of the juice, which is what it’s all about, it’s well worth it, IMHO.

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

Product Features
Low speed juicing prevents oxidation on degredation of juice
Fine and coarse juicing screens for pulp control
Capable of juicing wheatgrass at high yield
Auto cleaning system
Compact base

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 12 inches ; 25 pounds
Product Description
The Omega Model VRT350 VERT Juicer is a revolutionary product that features the high efficiency of a masticating style juicer in a vertical design. The VERT is designed to be compact, contemporary and productive. A processing speed of 80 rotations per minute prevents the oxidation and degradation of freshly juice product and an oversized spout serves up drinks with style and efficiency.

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