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Being There

Being There

Don Bradley 

When Folks Realize The Mistake They’ve Made, Don’t Ignore Their Regrets. Be there for them; lend a helping hand. Be merciful and kind, as mercy and kindness is shown to you.

Show the nephilim how its done, with mercy, kindness, and a loving heart.

Over the next few months the weaponized are going to realize they’ve made a huge mistake. They may be your closest family and friends who have deliberately distanced themselves from you. You need to be the bigger person and open your arms to them when they try to reconnect with you. Let them back in; open the door, they closed.

We are stronger together.

The weaponized just don’t know how lucky they are yet having the strong pure blood people on this Earth. Life is not a competition, it is an adventure we all share together. As we are, in point of fact, ONE family, under ONE Creator.

Let us treat each other as we are in Spirit, as one.



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