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Becoming Weaponized…in a nutshell

One more time…in case you missed it the first 70 times.


None of the jabs are safe. It’s Russian roulette with all chambers loaded. Maybe you get a placebo maybe you don’t but with boosters sooner or later it’s game over. The new variants come from the jabbed. 

Poor sheep will suffer greatly if they don’t stop believing the lies fake news & govt. grifter’s are dishing out. It’s the depop shot brought to you by the world’s top eugenicists. Genocide for the masses. Their leading spokesman is none other than Dr. “Genocide” Fauci. A nickname he earned in the 80’s killing aids patients. Bill Gates is one of his business partners. His videos discuss their goal to reduce the population by roughly 6.66 billion. He was in Africa: sterilized 500,000, India: paralyzed over 496,000 & sterilized over 75,000. He gave them diseases they didn’t have before en masse. Scammed, bilked and irreparably harmed. 

If the jab or stab doesn’t kill you from blood clots, it is designed to rapidly give breast cancer and a myriad other list of deadly diseases. It sterilizes you as well and anyone you have sex with. ( They confessed to 60-70% but it’s been as high as 96.8 % in batches). The GNrH in it shrinks male gonads, reduces testosterone and atrophies the prostate. It kills male Mitochondrial DNA in the sperm, without it, no payload. The HCG antigen destroys fertility in females by binding to the HCG and making it bio-inactive. Human reproduction is stopped. 

Vaxxes are a binary ( poison) weapon with a 5g controller for messenger RNA that’s designed to cut humans off from the spiritual side off their brain in order to make them amenable to control. It is a frontal cortex chemical lobotomy. 

Patients have complained of being cut off from god or that their spirit was dead or gone. The ones still alive are in great despair. 

Aside from causing headaches and producing worsening flu like symptoms the 5g technology provides them the ability to put thoughts in heads, voices in ears, orgasms down below & extreme pain for wrong think; all at the touch of a button. 

It modifies the dna turning you into a GMO (You will no longer technically be human.) They are combining you with jellyfish, insects, toxins & fetal tissue from murdered babies.

Creeps including Bill Gates & “Dr Genocide” have patents to literally own you marked with the Luciferase tattoo. Other ingredients include graphene oxide, polypropylene glycol, Luciferase, HIV, Adenovirus 26, prions(mad cow disease) and other toxins causing blood clots, magnetism, bio-luminescence, paralysis, seizures, loss of : sight, hearing, touch, as well as a compromised immune system subject to cytokine storms resulting in multi-system organ failure and death.

These are among the groups responsible for human trafficking(hash codes verified & testimonials confirmed). These creatures are demented & sick. They have been poisoning our food, air and water. I have the receipts. It’s down to them or us. They are a clear and present danger to humanity.⚡

It is time for ALL of humanity to unite against this threat and send these demonic douche bags to Hell.