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Basically hospital was empty – IT’S ALL FAKE

Dead or shot up blonds and children sell the most in their psyop scams.

The girl who was photographed by photographers on the ruins of a maternity hospital in Mariupol. She turned out to be a model and a popular beauty blogger in Mariupol. Her name is Marianna Podgurskaya. The maternity hospital, long occupied by neo-Nazis from “Azov”. 

The girl was given things, made up and brought to the cameras. “Exclusive” was entrusted to the famous photographer Eugene Maloletka, who currently works closely with Western news agencies and works for The Associated Press. His photos on the crisis in Ukraine can even be found on the OSCE website. The same model played in three episodes. 

  • Why is she heavily pregnant in one picture but then not so much in a other
  • Why is she walking with surface level injuries in one but being carried in another?
  • Why is she wearing 3 different sets of clothes? 
  • Do you change three times after being bombed?

 several military experts and a photographer to comment on footage from the maternity hospital. Everyone agreed that the shots were staged. Here are the arguments:

1. No soaring / smoking of soil in places of alleged ammunition ruptures.
2. On the street and in the building there is no dust suspension from the destruction of plasterboard walls and ceilings, as well as from the destroyed ventilated facade of the building (the inner cladding of which is made of fiberglass).
3. There are no pictures: women with newborns, maternity hospital staff, ambulance staff and rescuers. Only representatives of the VFU and the “model”.
4. In the corridors and premises of the institution a huge amount of broken glass. That is, the gaps were outside the building and the shock wave of glass flew into the premises. With such destruction, there would be a huge number of victims with characteristic injuries: shattered glass of the face and hands. In the pictures, none of the (two!) “Models” have such damage. Hands, all without exception, without any damage and traces of blood. As, however, there are no victims and dead in the corridors and premises of the maternity hospital.
5. Faces, hair, outerwear and blankets of the “victims” without traces of blood, dirt, dust and soot.
6. Poses of models are static, in pictures there are no dynamics and haste, except a frame with a stretcher.
7. Group photo + model with a blanket. In the left part of the frame – representatives of the VFU, who are heating something in pots on the fire.
9. Close-up portrait of a girl in a mask. The same … no damage and dust, dirt on hair, face and hands. Fresh manicure on the nails. The mask is also clearly new, worn to make the face unrecognizable.

Ukraine admits empty hospital BEFORE AZOV bombed it.

They used a picture of the actress in all media; remember the movie WAG THE DOG? Same thing.
For you numerology folks. This is not accidental. Same shites then as now, every time.