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Another Vax Weapon, already approved, for smallpox/monkeypox (if you got the vax, you are the pox)

This is the SAME weapon, just branded differently.


The real question is who’s going to catch it and/or face more severe symptoms: the vaxxoids or purebloods. I know vaxxed people who’ve been sick almost non-stop for like 18 months.
This one is going to be interesting to keep an eye on if they try to force monkey-pox vax mandates…there’s already lots of skepticism around the vax weapon, even from double-vaxxers I know who are just done with this or had side effects and don’t trust it anymore…and the name “monkey-pox” sounds silly and not serious enough to get vaxxed for. I bet there will be a lot more resistance to getting vaxxed for this one.

But the COVID vax zealots will be begging for another dose of science juice and further division between the good pure blood people and the bad plague rats…this one is even closer to small pox where they can chant “we eradicated small pox with mandated vaccines, so we should mandate these ones right away!!” And for this, will accellerate their own demise all the more faster.

The dead in cemeteries still emit their MAC codes from the vax weapon.

Vax Plague against phreaks, check.