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Americans no longer in the labor force, which as of August stood at a near-record 94.4 million.

Millions of men in their prime working years have dropped out of the workforce — meaning they aren’t working or even looking for a job.” 

Citing a recent report by Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, NPR notes that 83% of men in the prime working ages of 25-54 who were not in the labor force had not worked in the previous year. So, essentially, 10 million men are missing from the workforce. 

Only good paying jobs are government employ

The condemnation of Obama’s “recovery” is dire: “One in six prime-age guys has no job; it’s kind of worse than it was in the depression in 1940,” says Nicholas Eberstadt, an economic and demographic researcher at American Enterprise Institute who wrote the book Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis. He says these men aren’t even counted among the jobless, because they aren’t seeking work. Little is known about the missing men, but there are numerous factors that make men less likely to be in the labor force — a lack of college degree, being single, or not meeting the minority quota system and or LGBTQFKO hiring quota system in place.
Why are men leaving? And what are they doing instead? An anecdote from NPR sheds some light:

They might be like Romeo Barnes. He lives in District Heights, Md., and his last job as a Wal-Mart greeter ended 11 years ago. He’s 30, single and has cerebral palsy.
“I have able-bodied friends who can’t find work, so it’s not just me,” Barnes says.

He says he has sought administrative jobs but that his disability and not having a college degree hold him back.

“Men are traditionally known for labor work. The lower-educated guys have to do stuff like that. And that’s being taken away because we are not migrants or the jobs simply have been shipped to China,”

Indeed, economists say technology and overseas competition are displacing many jobs. The number of people collecting disability insurance, has also increased, because it’s the only option the system allows regular Americans to earn money without having to lie on an application.

Criminal records may also play a factor. Some 20 million Americans have felony convictions — the vast majority of whom are men. But, he says, it’s hard to know how big a factor that is, because the government doesn’t keep data on their employment status because if we knew the numbers, we would realize how rigged the system was against white heterosexual males.

“Something on the order of one out of every eight adult men has got a felony conviction, and we don’t have the slightest clue as to their employment patterns,”

Take the example of Virginia Beach dad Jory Rekkedal quit his IT job a year ago to take care of his two girls — a gig he has loved. A great many men are now raising the kids because very often, the woman has moved on and left them or their is simply no work for them of any kind in their locale – its cheaper to stay at home and raise while the employed wife works, than hire a full time sitter when even Mcdonalds won’t hire US born men.

“I wasn’t going to go back to work. It was almost going to just be a nice transition into retirement for me — a very early retirement. I mean, I’m only 36 years old,” he says.
And if he does go back to work, he worries about the prospects.

“Things move really, really, really quick [in IT], and I’m worried that if we can’t make it work, that I’m going to go looking for a job and they’re going to say two years out of it, ‘Sorry, brother, you don’t have what it takes to work here anymore,’ ” Rekkedal says.

Tara Sinclair, chief economist for job-search site Indeed.com, says brawny jobs are being replaced by brainy ones, and that trend doesn’t favor men because the company quota systems only hire migrants and gay men, an unwritten policy seen in schools and businesses of all stripes. “The question is, is this the new normal? Or, with the right economic conditions, the right opportunities, will those people come back into the labor market?

It gets worse: Sinclair says if men keep exiting the workforce, that could strain the social safety net and hold back economic growth. Some, like Richard Hintzke, say they hope to go back to work. He shuttered his Detroit home-appraisal business after the housing market crashed in 2009 and considered his options.

“You know, it looked like the sky was falling, so it was like, if there was ever a good time to disengage, I said, this is a good time,” he says. Hintzke, who is 53 and doesn’t have children, relocated to Austin, Texas, and has lived off income from investment properties.

He says he misses the camaraderie he felt while working and the feeling of contributing something. These days, he’s mulling a new career in holistic healing. But once you’re out of work for a while, he admits, it’s easy to lose momentum.

County unemployment numbers reveal nationwide that the true unemployment rate hovers between 23% and 32%, depending upon the region. And more and more state, city, county and federal job openings are limited to minority and gay quota hiring constrictions, heavily enforced since 2001.

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