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American Spring Planned by Shadow Government with 3-Million Agitators Marching on Washington DC on May Day, a HUGE witches sabbat


The nasty witch and lesbian child killer, Queen Hillary. The stench emanating from her extends over 1000 yards. Her staff is routinely filmed vomiting when appearing with the worst whore of modern times.

The cover up of Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice are at the core. Some very high profile names and arrests should be brought to light in the next few months! The Podestas, most media figures, and many prominent senators and governers, et al.

In a very telling and right to the point interview with Robert David Steel on the Alex Jones Show, Friday February 17, 2017, He layed out what is going on in the attempted coup against President Trump. He names who the Traitors are. That is no big surprise to those in the know.

He also reveals that the real reason for the attack on National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. It was in retaliation by the Pedophile Ring that is being exposed which has many in both the Democrat and Republican parties. Look at who has the loudest opposition to Trump and you will know who the King Pins of the Pedophile Rings are. Just follow the money and support.

In the 21 minute Video below listen for these key points that Mr. Steel makes.

“The American spring is going to begin as soon as the weather gets nice with tens of thousands of paid agitators across the country. It is going to end with three million people being bused into Washington DC on May Day, on the first of May.”

Ahh good ole May Day or International Workers Day and also a witches sabbat, where the nastiess lesbian witches fist each other with black dildos . A Day the COMMUNISTS celebrate, so what better day for the Democrats to start riots. After all they ARE Communists!

“It is not just the left who is trying to kill Donald Trump, it is the right. Dick Cheney is still Darth Vader. Dick Cheney is orchestrating penetrations of the government… Dick Cheney is high jacking this government just as he high jacked the government of George Bush.”
“To get from election day to the inauguration, Trump had to make some deals and Reince Priebus, the Judas in the White House, was part of that.”

“I have recommended to Trump that he fire the Director of the Office of Presidential Personnel, (John) Destefano, who was put in there by Priebus specifically to frontload all of Donald Trump’s political appointees with moles from the establishment.”

“Priebus is among other things an enabler and cover upper of pedophilia… I absolutely guarantee you that Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks) is going to take down the Republican party and Reince Priebus specifically. I have, for over a decade, been working with a number of people on pedophilia as an elite privilege. For Democrats, it is actually an acquired taste. John Podesta (former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton) is a pedophile-lite. The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have really made this a big league thing. There are Saudi Arabian restaurants with basements in Washington DC where you can order children on the menu. This is what I have been told. I have not been to one of those restaurants, so I have never ordered a child on the menu. Pedophila is the Achilles heel and Donald Trump has figured that out.”

“The third enemy group that Donald Trump is facing is the Deep State, which is the traitors. I think there are five hundred of them across the United States government who sold out for money, for ideology, or for religion.”