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Alveda King Crushes Maxine Waters: ‘You Are Playing The Race Card Again’

Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., attacked Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters’ narrative on America’s racial divide Monday on Fox Business.


Waters got into a heated debate last week with Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly on the House floor, during which Waters brought up her racial background.
“Congressman Waters is on the wrong frequency,” King said about the heated debate between Kelly and Waters. “The skin color thing, trying to equate a person’s skin color to their race,” Alveda said, adding that Rep. Kelly is actually “right when he’s saying the nation needs help, the nation is in trouble.”
King said Waters was “playing the race card again,” and that the only way Americans can “learn to live together as brothers, and I’ll add as sisters” is to “get past that skin color argument.”
“Our blood is red,” King said, “of one blood God made all people to live together on the face of the Earth.”

King continued, saying that Waters knows “we are all one race,” but continues “to play the race card again.” The niece of MLK also noted that “the job market is up, unemployment is down” and “Americans are getting opportunities to go back to work.”