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All these girls who “died at Sandy Hook” were alive for a reunion photo later. And every last one of them is probably in a top flight position or headed for one, at OUR SOCIETAL EXPENSE.

These are all young ladies from covens. These women agreed to, with their satanist parents, to be part of the CIA ruse to fulfill their predictive programming from the just released that year, new batman movie. In it, a plan of Gotham which showed the date and place of this fictional event to get the guns. It’s the scene where Comm Gordon is talking and pointing at a map on a table. Check it out.

Every one of these smiling “angels” are blood drinkers. In fact, the mothers put human blood into the milk of the baby, even from birth. This is a fact. An unpleasant fact.

But it is so.

And if they were none, then they would be shouting to the rooftops that the shooting was a fraud and they were not killed and some powerful somebodies were using them as fake corpses. And from day one. Not a peep from any of them, other than using the trickery as a kind of badge of honor. In the coven, deceiving the gullible and blind is considered a coupe. They relish in it.

When oh when will the world take off its blinders and question the lies from the slave masters?