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All eastern and Northern pipelines turned off by the satanic NWO gang

 FACT: This is a setup, proven by the fact (lie) Rachel Maddow herself said that even if the pipeline is turned on, the fuel only flows 5 MPH. She then went on to say that this means that even if it is switched on, we won’t have gas for two weeks. That is a lie, because the pipeline is already full. If you switch it on, you get gas instantly. No two week delay. Why the lie?

Second fact problem with this story is that there was no virus attack on the pipeline itself. All of the hardware and controls are secure, it works 100 percent. They switched it off because the computers in the offices that bill what goes through it don’t work. The pipeline itself works just fine. A national emergency could be declared to have the gas on NOW, with the gov taking up the slack via emergency funding, and they won’t do that because it is not part of the plan.RUMOR: If this pipeline is not on by the end of the week the grid will collapse. Reality: Only if they want it to collapse, and they probably do.

RUMOR: There’s no problem at all, and they switched it off so they could reserve the fuels it carries for war. Israel really wants a war now, and why would they want that?

WHY would Israel want war RIGHT NOW, on an emergency timetable?

Answer: Because the Covid hoax is failing. They reached about 30 percent of the U.S. population having ONE shot, not two, and are still below 20 percent having both shots. That’s not what they are saying obviously, because they wanted to apply peer pressure and marginalize the people who rejected it. And the vast majority has said NO. People did not want the shots, were rejecting them, and then some IDIOT posted a magnet sticking to people’s arms on servers that could not be banned like Twitter, backed it up with other videos of magnets sticking to people’s arms, and before even posting subsequent videos, figured out you can’t get an MRI after that shot for a VERY long time. Or so they say the guy’s an idiot, because it ended up going viral and wrecked their plans. No one who sees the magnet stick videos is going to get that shot. Adios to fullfilling that tribal fantasy to the level they wanted.

What does the tribe do when it can’t get it’s way? It starts killing people and breaking things, that’s what. And under war powers, they COULD force everyone to get that damn vax, like it or not.

Here is what I think:

There is chaos ahead in the near future. The pipeline does not need to be switched off. There is no real reason for fuel shortages and price explosions. The power does not need to go out just because the pipeline is switched off. The Colonial pipeline carries crude and gasoline, it does not carry natural gas. Power facilities use natural gas. And that is IF they don’t use coal, wind, hydro or nuclear. The pipeline problem cannot trigger “grid down” but they are saying it can, which means that’s the plan. Bottom line: How about going shopping today for stuff that does not need to be frozen? Buy stuff you eat anyway that can sit on a shelf for a year, that way if nothing happens you are out nothing. Save a bunch of water too.

Americans: You can kill half the population with a bioweapon shot, but as long as you don’t take their guns, they won’t shoot!!!

Jim Stone