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Affirming your free education

You know, 500 to a thousand people come to this site every day, but only 2 maybe 3 people – the same kind souls over and over again – ever PLUS ONE with google the articles or the site.

Don’t you know, every PLUS ONE helps get the truth out to others who aren’t as aware as you are? DOn’t you want to help THEM?

We must all do our part for truth and freedom. Let’s work together.

And you folks know I don’t ask this for money. There are no ads here, I have zero monetizing on either this or any other site i’ve created, including youtube.

YOu can do it. Help someone today.

Every click gets this in wider circulation.

And it’s not about ego either. I don’t run myself up or engage in any self-puffery. It’s the truth, standing on its own. That’s all you see here. Network assets are all about self-aggrandizement. Not this retard. I only care that you get the facts. And the opposition has all the money, we don’t.

We…all of us…serve truth. Help me help others.

It’s up to you.


the village idiot, your faithful servant and gardener