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A Moving miracle in the rain

A Moving miracle in the rain

Don Bradley December 11th, 2022

Kislev 15

Yesterday, son Matt and brother Morgan helped me pack up our garage, for one of two moving trucks this month. The first one on Tuesday. I can only do things like this—big heavy items, pack and get ready—on weekends when folks are available to help. As it happens, on this weekend, California is being hit with massive storms (we received 5 inches of rain last night) and it was slated to pass over us all weekend, making doing the necessaries for this move nigh impossible.

5 inches of rain from 4pm Saturday, to 6am this morning.

Unless the storms passed us by in some way. However, looking at the radar scans, HUGE MASSIVE storm fronts were sweeping down the state, dropping massive amounts of water.

So, a few friends and I prayed that somehow, we would be able to pack, and that the storm—though unable to make it go away—would somehow be limited in our Ojai valley for the afternoon.

So, the storms sweep through California and tons of videos appearing today showing just how much rain and snow is kicking this state’s…behind. Except in Ojai.

Slight drizzle all day, from the arising of dawn to ten minutes after we finished up at 4pm. I look at the radar returns and the huge storms went right around our valley, like a river does around a boulder in the middle of the stream. When we were done. The curtain around our valley disappeared and the rains came.

With a vengeance.

Thank you friends who prayed for this miracle.

Thank you Father for looking out for us, as you do.

We love you very much.