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A hawk visits, born last year to “Watcher”

We have several hawks that have made our little cliffside, their home. Matt named them.

We have Goldie, Watcher, their two kids, and Sam.

They constantly grab snakes here and fly off with them.

When we are out, within 20 minutes, there they are, circling overhead. They swoop down low, we talk to them. They’re very beautiful. AND BIG. These ladies are enormous. It’s why we didn’t let  Mikey out until he was of a biggest enough size, that the ladies Walenda, wouldn’t put the snatch on him and turn him into a hot lunch.

Watcher’s offspring, we haven’t named him yet.

By the by…Watcher got her name because wherever we rode our bikes, she would follow, even for miles. This happened so much, we decided to give her a name. She “watched” us.

Kinda cool…