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A Few Cold Hard Facts For Snowflakes

Via The Lonely Libertarian,

It’s simple…

1. You are unique, but not particularly special. No one really cares about your feels.

2. Rewards are for merits, not for showing up. You want something, work for it.

3. Success is not guaranteed, to anyone, ever.

4. Chelsea Clinton is not a typical case. Stepping out of college with a ridiculously overpriced degree in a totally worthless discipline does not entitle you to a corner office, a six-figure income, and keys to the Executive Shitter. Chelsea is a Clinton, and Clintons get special treatment.

5. You are allowing yourselves to be pawns of the Left who have been grooming you your whole lives to be their frontline in an uprising. Saul Alinsky called people like you “useful idiots”. You are happily following a group of rich, sequestered out-of-touch actors and “singers” who have no intentions of getting in the trenches with you. You are participating in riots funded by George Soros who has his own agenda and doesn’t give a shit about your hopes and dreams. He’ll cheerfully walk on your corpses to reach his goal.

6. Life is hard. You don’t always get to do what you want, when you want. And no one owes you anything. There is satisfaction in hard work and delayed gratification. 

And you’ll learn all of this if and when you grow the fuck up.