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A cure for Sinusitis

Last spring, I reported here that we were on the look out for some kind of natural fix for son Matt’s nasal condition. We tried supplements, homeopathic remedies – nothing worked. Until I started adding kelp and dulce seaweeds to our daily smoothies. His condition vanished within three days and has been fixed for a couple of months now. It was a diet thing, an essential element he needs but was unable to get from any other source in standard cooking fare.

Now, after suffering from this daily condition since he was about 6, he is free from sinusitis. Even on bad chemtrail days, his perpetual drippage has vanished.

So if you know someone who suffers from “allergies,” which is what the network doctors and others kept telling him he had. (right. In the dead of winter, allergies?) have them blend up a daily smoothie with a tablespoon each of kelp and dulce.

No chemicals, inhalers, or baloney from holistic “fix you” sites. Just an addition of seaweed in the diet.