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8000 more Jihadis enter US, costing us 400 billion a year to house, feed, and clothe them…

This works out good for the the Police State. Americans won’t bomb their own schools, parks, bus stations, and gatherings. But, bring in a bunch of hired guns who hate everything this country used to stand for, and you’ve got all the domestic terrorism you could ever want, and the dead families to show for it on the evening news.

Intel and police budgets go up. The people accept less freedom and more surviellance, and the death dealers get to Allah Snakbar innocent children into the next dimension.

And the hildebeast wants to increase that number by 65,000. 

Oh what fun it is for yet more doom, open borders, and slaughtered innocents for Satan. Because this is what this is really about – the beast demands the slaughter of the innocents, as it always has.

Nimrod, in his watery tomb under the White city beneath the Euphrates river, now returned. And the bitch is thirsty for human blood.