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78 Percent Of U.S. Workers Are Living ‘Paycheck To Paycheck’ And 71 Percent Of Them Are In Debt

The only people with a decent job, pension, and paid vacations are govt employees, cops, and city workers of all kinds. And with this group, it’s not just a job, bug work that pays HUGE AMOUNT OF FRN BUCKS. Average cop earns 280k per year, firemen make even more. And given that govt only hires minorities and gays, what does that leave the rest of us WHO PAY THEIR SALARY? Do you get a pension that is 98% of your working salary? Only govt pays that.

For the rest of the country, their jobs went overseas, where people will slave for 10 cents a day and no bathroom breaks, making  $1000.00 cell phones for Apple and the like. And the jobs that remain, go mainly to immigrants and or don’t pay a living wage, enough to pay for a crappy apartment in the bad part of town.

So be a cop or suck a dick, it’s the only way the satanists will allow the slaves to earn any kind of money that is real.

Whitey gets kicked to the curb, unless he’s a cop or a fed.