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2012 lies and nonsense

I’m going to say here what I said in late 1999 about the Y2K hoax. It’s a non-event.

For years, the network devils have been selling 2012 as either the end of the world or spiritual transformation or both.

Both are lies.

The first part of the lie is about selling fear, which controls  you. Then you surrender your control, spiritually speaking, to the devils.

The second part is to get you into some kind of new age balogna that is really just a slippery slope into satanism.

Or both.

Going on record as, BS. If you fall for it, you have abandoned your critical thinking skills and well, golly…

This is the same noize they tried in the 90s. Wake up. It’s the same devils selling the same lies as before.

Already, the fear mongers are changing their dates to 2013. So much for their “vision.”

I’m laughing at all this. Always have. Was laughing at Y2K and I’m laughing now at all the feeble-minded, easily led non-thinkers who take anything they hear on Coast to Coast and turn it into their own mindset.

Do your own thinking. Stop letting the devils tell you what matters when you should be doing it for yourself.