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200 million Chinese in lockdown or in concentration camps

For the common cold, the corona virus. Entire cities are being forced into camps. CITIES.

Australia – 130,000 in camps or permanent lockdown. Leave the house, go to camps, never seen again.

Canada…we don’t know the numbers yet.

USA…it’s coming.

For the SEERS virus scam inbound. The latest thing coming this winter. Vaxxies will get frequencies that activate smallpox and plague. Total meltdown and now the lockdowns at the point of a gun, instead of a sign in a window.

The phreak megalomaniac Gates did tell us that the NEXT pandemic would be the ONE that would do the job, and people wouldn’t decry as fake, like the first one was. He neglected to mention that only vaxxies will get the SEERS plague.

And think about it. SEERS? A seer is a mystic who does quasi prophecies for the dark side. Dad’s people weren’t called seers, but prophets – of varying degrees.

After a false flag event to kick it off, change our currency, and a plague. Total societal doom.