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12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be Losers

The 21st century leftists have proven themselves to be utterly ignorant and incapable time and time again. And I believe there are specific reasons for this that has to do with their very core nature. The following demonstrates all the loser characteristics embedded in their psyches that draws the leftists to their equalist beliefs. And because they compensate their own shortcomings with their ideology rather improving themselves, it ultimately leads to a cycle of loserdom which they cannot escape from.
For the sake of simplicity, I will group liberals, satanists, wiccans, progressives, SJW’s, feminists, degenerates, and all the rest under the title of ‘leftist’.

1. They don’t take care of themselves

Fat, nasty swamp donkey with no self-respect
“I think I’m beautiful, therefore I am.”

The leftists are such losers that they do very little to take care of themselves. As well as being short-term thinking hedonists, they don’t want to put any effort in life, so you’ll often see them eat unhealthy food and shun working out. This is why the leftist females tend to look like painted hogs while the men are usually low-T twigs. You’ll also see them do little to dress properly or maintain their looks other than to exaggerate their own ugliness for attention and shock effect.

2. They have zero accountability

Example of what happens when SJWs us their vagina as a weapon against society

Leftists never take responsibility for their own lives. This is why they must constantly blame others for their problems, cry for resources and sympathy, and expect everyone else to respect them when they deserve none. It’s no surprise that many of these individuals tend to be in favor of nanny-governments.

3. They feel entitled

hate whitey
For every inch you give them, they’ll ask for another mile.

Because they have no accountability, because they’ve been coddled all their lives, and because they view themselves as victims who need to be compensated for, the leftists have the most deranged and shameless sense of entitlement. They seem to think that the world owes them everything, which is why they have such arrogant and hostile attitude towards everyone else. The whole concept of working to earn something for yourself is lost to them.

4. They think weakness and victimhood is a virtue

Another programmed dolt

Instead of trying to be better and stronger, leftists prefer to rationalize their pitiful existence and turn their status as the “oppressed” into a source of pride. Because being a victim is such a coveted status, they don’t seem to want to move on from their real or perceived victimhood by trying to improve themselves. This is why the leftists always behave like perpetual infants.

5. They rely on government and billionaires

Paid protesters after Trump election hired via Craig’s list
Brought to you by Soros and co.

As much as they claim to be against the elites and the established order, the leftists are the most reliant on those on top for their livelihood. Like the sucklings with no agency they are, the leftists depend on everyone else to take care of all their needs. This is also why they are so easy to manipulate into serving as the pawns of the elites.
Do you really think feminism and BLM would be able to continue on as they do without the “Patriarchal” and “racist” system tolerating and openly supporting their movements?

6. They think destiny is on their side

Gay men cry whenever women tell them to

The leftists will always lose because they are arrogant enough to think that the spirit of times is on their side. With their smug faces, they’ll tell you that it’s time for women to rule because it’s the “current year.” They truly believe that we’re all on a one-directional path towards some rainbow utopia where everyone lives in total peace and harmony. And they do so all the while berating everyone else they disagree as Neanderthals who are not getting on with the times.
Their flawed logic is as follows: A) Anything that challenges the status quo is progress, B) Progress is good for humanity, C) Challenging the status quo is therefore good. This is why they always target and assault the traditional order, ignoring the fact that it was exactly those time-tested values that enabled them the prosperity they take for granted.

7. They hate everything decent

The west’s war on society against the white race, another satanic controlled meme

The leftists are inferior in many ways—and they know it. And for that reason, they need to spew hatred for anyone who is better than they are and pretend that they’re not interested in having the qualities they envy in secret.
The leftists hate healthy body, family, beauty, masculinity, honor, life, and more. If they see a strong and masculine white man, they’ll feel threatened as they see him as an “oppressor.” If they see a beautiful, traditional woman, they’ll spit venom as they see her as a traitor who is conforming to “Patriarchal” standards. Instead of trying to be decent themselves, they prefer to promote degeneracy while destroying all standards so that everyone can be equal losers rather than just themselves.

8. They are hypersensitive

SJW cry babies of no use to society or their families

Leftists cannot escape their loserdom because they refuse to grow strong by facing challenges. Instead, these pampered children choose to shield their fragile feelings, only to dig themselves into a deeper hole. The more they guarded their emotions, the more sensitive they become, and the more they demand others to meet their “need” for safety. This is why you see these spoiled brats clinging onto their infantile safe spaces, trigger warnings, and so on.

9. They have a fixed mindset

Fat ugly lesbian swamp donkeys

Because of the leftists have a fixed mindset where they believe nothing can be changed through one’s own effort, they expect everyone else to revolve around them. In their world, whites will always be privileged while blacks are oppressed due to slavery from generations ago. Rich will always be rich and poor will always be poor because the system is designed to be oppressive. Men will always be rapists and women will always be victims because of “Patriarchy.” Individual initiative doesn’t exist to them, only the collective identity.

10. They are guilt-ridden

Satanic Guilt meme, by an ungrateful teacher who hates white people

The ugly truth the leftists will never admit is that they secretly hate themselves. The somewhat normal ones have been conditioned to feel guilty about being white or masculine while the deviant ones—even as they pretend to be proud of their aberrant identities—feel guilty about their subnormal nature. This explains why suicide rate among the trans-whatevers is far above the normal population. Back home in Sodom, I had a gay friend who revealed to me that the majority of the homosexuals in the city were severely depressed and consumed excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol to sedate themselves.
The guilt is also why you see white people hating their own race to virtue signal, along with the male-feminist turds who bash other men like it’s going to get them laid. In a way, they have to direct all that negative energy onto others so that they’ll stop hurting themselves.

11. They have no self-respect

Acting out their programming, ala Jones town massacre
Jonestown or SJW’s protesting? Who cares, they’re both equally crazy.

The leftists have no respect for themselves as they are incapable of generating it within themselves. This explains why they constantly seek external approval by demanding that everyone else accept them just for being “oppressed” and praise them for promulgating ideas about equality. When you have no accomplishments and nothing of value to be proud of, the next best thing is to have politically correct opinions that you’ve been taught to have which requires no effort at all.

12. They are deconstructive

Nasty, hate filled SJW lesbian

The leftists are usually unable to create anything worthwhile on their own, which is why they try to deconstruct what they don’t like without offering any real alternative. And because of their destructive nature, they would rather shut down others from speaking than have a dialogue, they’ll criticize those who makes things happen rather than do things on their own, and so on. They like to go against all that is sacred and tear things down for the sake of “progress” and ceaselessly challenge the norms without any tangible end goal in mind.


The leftists are their own worst enemies and the only way they ever win is when the opposition slips or fails to put up a fight. That said, I would like to leave a word of warning to all the readers here: Just because Brexit happened and Trump was elected, it doesn’t mean the leftists will concede defeat and magically disappear from the society. They’ll cry even louder and try to be more disruptive than ever before. Eight years of Reagan and eight years of Bush didn’t do away with these freaks, it only set the stage for them to return with greater fanaticism. They’re already protesting en masse across the country, so don’t let your guard down—the real fight hasn’t even begun yet.