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$10.6B+ Was Given To Black Lives Matter Causes: Where Did The Money Go?

Public support for the Black Lives Matter movement was at an unheard-of 67 percent in June, according to Pew researchers. “BLM-related causes” pulled in more than $10.6 billion in donations, according to The Economist

Not much is known about how the money is being used. Asking gets you called every vile name in the their vile book. You racist white bastards you.

The organization’s founders, three Black women — Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi — have been accused on social media of not sharing “a single cent with black people….”

They openly brag about being witches and taking all their BLM orders from demons. They are very proud of the fact that Lucifer is the guiding light of their movement. Very proud.

But where is the 10 billion? Any of it going to help black only families? Not a dime. Ever.

And the witches say, asking about the money is white racism.

Sure. Your little scam worked.

The public bought into your lies and threw every dollar they could at…DEMONS.

And nasty skank witches.

I bet even if the public knew this, the money would still flow in. Because it gives hate whitey a focal point, which is what all witches want.